Single Device Authentication

Use your smartphone to unlock both your physical and digital worlds.
Convince your smartphone that you're you, and let it convince the rest of the world.

Multi-level Assurance Model

SDA is a cross-domain authentication solution, capable of replacing all popular authentication mechanisms by providing various levels of security assurances.
Device Presence
Checks that the device is physically present
(e.g., a key)
User Intent
Ensures that a human acknowledged the action
(e.g., pushing a button)
User Identification
Identifies the user of the device
(e.g., voice, fingerprint, password)

Secure by Design

SDA's architecture mitigates entire classes of cyber attacks, protecting both users and SDA-enabled services alike.
No Phishing!
Since users never enter sensitive information, phishing attempts are old news.
Browse with Confidence
When your phone leaves, so do all of your credentials!
Protected from Malware
We can leverage secure hardware to protect our code from software-based attacks.