How It Works
Physical Doors
  1. The door and phone connect using BLE and mutally authenticate each other
  2. The user presses [Unlock] in App (if needed) to initiate a cryptographic challenge from the door
  3. The door unlocks!
Computer Logins
  1. The phone and laptop mutually authenticate each other using any interface (e.g., BLE, WiFi, or USB)
  2. The user presses [Enter] instead of their typical password, which initiates a cryptographic challenge
  3. The user satisfies the assurance request on the phone and permission is granted
Web Services
  1. The user types in their email or username (no password)
  2. The service will send a cryptographic challenge to the phone through the cloud or through the computer they are using
  3. The user satisifies the assurance requirements and the action is permitted
How We Do It
Multi-level Assurance
  • Presence
  • Intent
  • Identification
Eliminate Phishing
The credentials never leave the phone, and therefore cannot be entered into a malicious website. In fact, the user doesn't even know them!
Trusted Data Entry
We create a trusted path between the human and the remote service. You can enter your social security number or cast your vote for the next election with confidence!
Protected from Malware
SDA is hardened against software-based malware. You can do your banking in the hotel lobby without any fear malware interfering with your transactions!
A Revolutionized Experience for...
IT Administrators
Facilities Managers
HR Personnel
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