What if I lose my phone?
What if my phone dies?
Does the App drain my phone battery more?
Do I need internet connection?
Can I use Allthenticate with my single sign-one (SSO)?
Access Control
How can my phone open a door?
Can I lock/unlock doors remotely?
How is the installation process?
Can I install the door reader myself?
Can I use my key or smartcard?
Does it work with motion sensors?
Digital Authentication
Can I unlock my computer with Allthenticate?
How do I get the software?
Can I use Allthenticate to replace all the passwords on my computer?
Can I add a biometric authentication on a computer that does not have the proper hardware?
What if I am not ready to move all of my desktop authentication to Allthenticate?
If I am not an Allthenticate Admin, how can I change the Allthenticate settings for my computer?
Who is going to manage the platform?
Is it possible to track everyone who gets in the building or logs into a computer?
Can I restrict access on specific days and hours for some people?
Can a door or a computer have more security than other resources?
Can I add other administrators?