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No, you don't need internet connection to unlock/lock your doors and computers. You only need internet to update your security policies.

If your phone dies, always plug it into the computer that you are using to charge it and continue using it for two factor authentication (2FA). For doors, you can use a backup option (e.g., a smartcard or mechanical key) if your company has them configured, ask a friend or find a charging station.

Our users have not reported any increase in battery usage aside from having bluetooth enabled.

If a phone is lost or temporary misplaced, an administrator can easily log in to the Allthenticate admin portal and revoke the lost phone’s access, or temporarily add a “spare” phone to the user’s account until the original phone is found, or the user gets a new phone. In the meantime, they can use a backup option like a key, a smartcard or a password.

All you need to start using Allthenticate for access control is our Reader X and your smartphone! No control boxes, no long cable runs, no —. Installation takes minutes instead of hours, and most of our plans come with complementary readers. Passwordless authentication is included in all of our subscription plans. All you need to go passwordless is to download and install the Allthenticate desktop application, then set up your account in the Allthenticator app on your mobile device. Available plans can be seen on our pricing page: https://allthenticate.com/pricing

Access Control

You will need to download the Allthenticator App on your phone, and enable bluetooth. That way, the phone will communicate with Allthenticate’s door reader via bluetooth and unlock the door according to the security policy that your administrator set for each door.

Physical access control gives the ability to restrict or allow access to certain doors of your workplace or secure spaces to make sure only authorized people can enter. This is done by assigning credentials which identify the individual, and in turn, authorize whether they have permission to enter.

Yes, you can use lock/unlock doors remotely from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet connection).

The door reader installation is very easy, if you know how to install a smart light switch, you will be able to install our reader in no time. We will provide you with an installation guide that will describe each step of the installation.

Cloud-based access allows you to manage your building security remotely and remove the need for onsite servers and other resources. In other words, the cloud lets you access information anytime, anywhere from your personal devices. Cloud-based access control allows for a larger ability to store information while making it even more accessible to the end-user.

Yes, Allthenticate allows for backwards compatibility with legacy access control systems such as keys and smartcards. Just connect your Allthenticate Reader to your smartcard reader and you’re all set to continue using smartcards with Allthenticate.

SaaS (Software as a Service) gives you the ability to have access control on-demand, instead of paying a big upfront cost for a software license, or extra hardware that you don’t need, you only pay the subscription for what you need. It also gives you the freedom in scalability to add more users or remove users easily, while offering more convenience and a lot more flexibility through different integrations.

Allthenticate is the first and only all-in-one security solution in the industry. All of your security assets can be accessed with your phone, completely eliminating the need for pesky keys and passwords. What this means is none of the security risks that legacy security solutions face (rekeying, stolen credentials, etc.), while removing the burden of having to carry around keys and remember passwords. Additionally, the Allthenticate Admin Portal combines all your employee’s credentials into one place, making it easier than ever to view times/places accessed, grant/remove access to various parts of your workspace, and onboard/offboard employees.

Digital Authentication

Passwordless is software you can install on your computer that integrates with the operation system to query your phone instead of using passwords locally. SSO is a server running in the Cloud that you can configure with your web applications (Gmail, Gitlab, Notion, Slack, etc.) to be able to log in to all of them without a single password. It doesn’t require any special software—all you have to do is configure Allthenticate as your identity provider to make your web applications passwordless.

Absolutely. With Allthenticate, you can upgrade any computer to use your biometrics.

Yes, Allthenticate can replace all of your passwords, including your computer’s password.

Allthenticate was created by an ex-hacker with a PhD in cybersecurity, and was specifically designed with the mentality of preventing any possible attack on our systems. We use public-private key encryption to ensure that the only way to access your security assets are with your smartphone, and nothing else. With Allthenticate, you can be sure that your credentials are as safe as can be.

The admin portal shows detailed access logs of users who received access to a door or computer, date/time of access, and access credentials of employees in your company.

Allthenticate will host all of the management software and your company can simply log in to our web-based portal to manage all of your resources and workforce.