Authenticate yourself, quickly and securely.
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Sick of passwords? You're not alone! Allthenticate's products can have you passwordless in minutes. Login to computers, websites, and even remote servers with your smartphone. Leave your passwords in the past, along with phishing attacks, long security trainings, and all of the your daily frustrations.
Revolutionize your authentication experience.
The frictionless workflow.
Give your employees the superpower of smartphone-based authentication
Workstations will unlock as employee walks to it, magically.
Only remember to bring your phone to work
No need to remember passwords, OTP tokens, or any USB security keys.
No internet required
Slow internet connection or disconnection will not inconvenience your workday.
Authenticate yourself on all devices and different operating systems
Login to Windows, OSX, and Linux machines with our cross-platform software.
Management that makes your life easier, not harder.
Manage access to shared computers from one place
Make policies for shared computers that will allow multiple users to access them.
Control your computers, from anywhere and anytime, with remote capabilities
Remotely lock workstations that were left unlocked by other users easily.
Reduce your worries and review any activity in one central portal with comprehensive logs
Monitor suspicious activity and get notified when privileged commands are executed.
Build the security you need with a click.
Immediate and magical logins
Computers will unlock as you get close to them, making it easy and smooth for you.
Ensure that only you are confirming logins into your accounts and devices
Login attempt prompts go through your phone only and requests your confirmation.
Add another layer of authentication in high-security settings
Use biometric or a PIN to confirm your login or command through the Allthenticator App.
We solve your expensive and time-consuming problems.
Save time.
No more password typing
No more password resets
No more long security trainings
Save money.
Eliminate costs related to credential resets
Reduce costs related to security trainings
Stop upgrading computers to support your security needs
Stop worrying about:
Phishing attacks
Reused and compromised credentials
Unlocked workstations
Improve Productivity for everyone.
Integrate with single sign-on (SSO) solutions to strengthen or replace existing passwords.
Forget about long security trainings related to phishing attacks. Let your employees and IT team focus on and enjoy their work.
Save money and resources.
$5 M
Passwords costs the average company $5.2 million annually.
The national news 2019
80% of data breaches in 2019 were caused by password compromise.
90% of midsize enterprises will go passwordless by 2022.
$3.7 M
Phishing attacks cost $3.7 million for an average large company.
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