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Our modern door readers are easy to install and secure for any application. In the amount of time it takes you to install a smart lighswitch, you can have the most advanced access control system on the market. You will be able to invite your employees and guests to use their phone to access any door in your building with highly-configurable security settings. Stop making excuses and upgrade your access-control today!
The seamless workday is here.
Get a magical start to your day.
Effortless access to your doors
No more smart cards, keys, and key fobs to remember--just bring your phone.
Share the magic with employees and visitors
Users can unlock doors by simply walking up to them.
Remotely lock and unlock your doors with a click
Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere and anytime with remote access capabilities.
Unlock doors while the Internet is down
No Internet or WiFi required to lock or unlock your doors with the Allthenticator App.
Manage all of your buildings with ease.
All of your doors and employees in one portal
Add, delete, and track users' access to doors, groups of doors, or buildings.
Get real time logs for physical assets
Keep track of who is accessing each door at all times.
Create customizable security policies with ease
Give access to specific doors during particular hours with custom security requirements.
Onboarding and offboarding have never been this easy
Provision access to new users with a click and remove them just as easily without worrying about cloned or stolen credentials.
Choose the security level that fits your needs.
Walk in like it's magic
Keep your phone in your pocket, and it will unlock the door for you with Allthenticate's auto-unlock configuration.
Confirm entry with Intent
Approve that you want to lock or unlock the door by confirming on your phone.
Identify users in high-security contexts.
Confirm your identity by providing a PIN or a biometric to the phone to access doors.
One hardware, many possibilities.
Different authentication methods on the same hardware.
Touchless (proximity based)
Biometrics (Face ID or fingerprint)
Flexible hardware that supports every installation.
Simple wiring between power, the reader, and the lock
No controller boards required
Supports fail-secure and fail-safe doors
Integrates with existing hardware.
Supports external actuators: motion sensors, exit buttons, etc.
Can work in parallel with existing access-control solutions: keys, smart cards, key fobs, etc.
Simple Installation
No controller boards. No long wires to run. No major construction. Simply, security.
24/7 monitoring of your facilities with real-time logs
No more cloned or stolen credentials
Strong, industry-vetted public-key crytography
Leverage existing biometric capabilities on your phone
Doors magically unlock when you walk by and lock when you leave
Remotely lock and unlock physical assets
Modify security requirements with the click of a button
Modify user permissions to anything from a single interface
Save money and resources.
44% of visitors' access is not tracked by companies
It only costs $10 to clone your smartcards
Tom's Guide
$2.4 B
Companies spend $2.4 billion on rekeying every year
20 M
Every year there are over 20 million keys that are lost in the US
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