More Security. Less Burden.

Single Device Authentication

Use your mobile phone to interact with both your physical and digital worlds.

No More Passwords

Use your smartphone to unlock your computer and interact with websites.

No More Keys

Seemlessly interact with your physical world, without the need for keys.

Simple Installation

We provide desktop software, a mobile app, and custom hardware to unlock your world.

Security First

Our architecture is designed to thwart entire classes of cyber attacks by leveraging secure hardware.

Share Access

Easily share access to your computers and doors with friends, employees, or visitors.

The Team

We are a group of computer security reseachers, professionals, and university students with a shared interest in making the world a better place through innovative technologies.

  • Chad is a Ph.D. student in the SecLab at UCSB. His research primarily focuses on usable authentication and embedded system security. He has a rich background of working with both academic and real-world authentication mechanisms. He has previously worked on Grey, an authentication scheme that used phones and proof-carrying authentication to unlock doors and computers, during his M.S. at UNC-CH and has also led numerous red-teaming efforts (e.g., RFID cards and the DoD's common access card) as part of the technical research staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He hopes to leverage his extensive knowledge of computer security to help make our world more secure and less burdensome.

    Chad Spensky

    Ph.D. Student (Computer Security)

  • Evan is a fourth year undergraduate student at UCSB studying Electrical Engineering and part of a 5 year Masters program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Evan has past experience as a research intern in the security lab (SecLab) working on automated hardware reverse engineering frameworks and single device authentication. He currently works as a Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin working on infrared cameras. He has a strong passion for soccer, barbecuing, and new technology.

    Evan Blasband

    M.S. (Electrical Engineering)

  • Rita is a Financial Mathematics and Statistics Major at UCSB expecting to graduate in June 2019. Rita is very passionate about her major and has past experience as a finance intern at the worlds largest cooperative financial institution : “Crédit Agricole” where she assisted international transactions in an international full-service banking group. Rita helped founding “The Center of Academic Achievement” where she promoted partnerships and sponsorships in 6+ countries. She likes interacting with people, and taking up new challenges, she has a passion for horse riding, and loves competing in horse Jumping shows all over the world.

    Rita Mounir

    B.S. (Financial Mathematics)

  • Jake is an undergrad at UCSB studying Psychology and Brain Science and Technology Management. He has experience in marketing and business development efforts and has a passion for building startups. Jake spends his free time surfing/skateboarding/snowboarding, listening to Y-Combinator podcasts, reading, writing, and adventuring with friends. He's a calculated risk taker, meditates, and thinks surfing is a metaphor for life.

    Jake Tear

    B.S. (Psychology and Brain Science)