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All-in-one Security
Allthenticate provides an all-in-one access-control and authentication solution for companies that is cost-effective, easy to use, and secure. A single identity management solution for all of your authentication needs.
Access Control
Quick and simple installation
Smartphone-based solution
No more keys, key fobs, or smartcards
Easily add temporary users and visitors
Remote lock and unlock your doors
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Login to everything with your phone
Eliminate phishing
Get rid of your passwords
Use the biometric capabilities on your phone
Store your SSH keys securely
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More Security
Multi-factor Authentication
The Allthenticator app provides seamless multi-factor authentication: "What you have" (your phone), "What you are" (biometric), and "What you know" (a PIN)
Be in Control of Your Security
You set the level of security for each door, computer, and website; with the same deployed solution.
No Single Point of Failure
Each device stores its own credentials, so there is no centralized database to attack.
Less Burden
Unified Access-Control
One security solution to manage all of your assets, both physical and digital.
Only One Thing to Remember
Did you bring your phone to work? Great. That's all you need.
Simple Installation
Install our software with 'one click' and our door readers only require a door lock and power.

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